TALITHA Child Care Center

Helping Parents through the Unexpected

Life can hold many surprises and a sick child can leave you scrambling for child care options.  Talitha Care is a medically supervised child care center providing pediatric quick care and a drop in child watch for ill children. 

For the Unexpected

From colds and tummy bugs to injuries that need a little extra TLC, Talitha Care provides parents with a drop in, medically supervised childcare option so they can continue to work and provide for the family.  

Children can relax and recover in low ratio staff to child rooms with certified teachers and nursing supervision.  Infection control is a top priority and every child has access to an individual area with HEPA air flow to prevent spreading illnesses.  Children have a full day of enrichment with indoor and outdoor play options, reading, arts and crafts and meals and snacks are included. 

Child Friendly Center

We understand that your child is not feeling their best.  We are supportive caregivers that work hard to provide the comforts of home. Everything at Talitha Care is geared toward rest and recovery while engaging your child's desire for fun.  

Quick Clinic Medical Visits

What separates Talitha Care from other options is our convenient same day pediatric appointments. Our on site Quick Clinic allows parents to skip the extra trip to the doctors office and our pediatric providers oversee the care of children in the drop in care center.  Visits are optional and we accept most major insurance plans.

Don't have time to wait to see the provider? Notify our staff and they will set a time with you that day for a virtual call.  Your child will stay in the care center while you return to work.  At the prearranged time our staff will call you and a nurse and pediatric provider will examine your child and answer your questions while you participate virtually .   


Beautiful rooms with a low ratio of children to staff.  The comforts of home with quality care.  

These renderings represent the quality of care you can expect when using Talitha Care services.